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The Water Meter Test


You may have a leaking pipe. Many homeowners and responsible persons in Institutions and Industrial facilities first become aware of a water leak at their property, institution or factory when they receive their latest bill. At a time of water shortage and increased costs of utility services, if a water leak is caught in its early stages, excessive water loss and large water bills can be avoided.

Many leaks occur underground and may take months to become apparent on the surface. A very simple way to check if you have a water leak and to find out how much water is being lost due to a leak is to perform a water meter test: 

  • Find your water meter, which is usually located in front of the house or building in a covered box near the street or property line.
  • Take the lid off the meter box and lift the protective cover
  • Choose a time when you are not using any appliances that use water. (ie: overnight)
  • Turn all water-using appliances off so that no water is being used. This means turning off all water inside and outside the house or building including showers, sinks, washing machines, irrigation system and any appliance that uses water. DO NOT turn off the tab at the water meter.
  • Allow all tanks and cisterns to completely fill
  • Take an initial meter reading (Make sure you read all the black/white digits and the red/white digits or dials).
  • Leave all appliances turned off overnight. This includes flushing the toilet or using hot water
  • Take a second meter reading first thing in the morning before you use any water (Make sure you read all the black/white digits and the red/white digits or dials).

If the second reading is greater than the initial reading this indicates that water has passed through the meter and you most likely have a leak. If a leak occurs on the property side of the meter, the customer is responsible for the leak charges and repair costs.

If you have determined that you have a hidden unwanted water leak, give us a call! We can pin point it's location so you can avoid costly guesses or destructive digging in your landscape.  We take great care to provide accurate locates, guarantee our work

More simply procedure to do a leakage check:


Watch the meter. Your meter will have a triangular red or silver and black round disc that is commonly called a “leak indicator.”

  • With all water appliances turned off, if it is spinning, you have a leak. If there is no indicator and the actual meter dial hand is moving, water is running somewhere in your system and you have a leak.
  • If the hand is not moving, note the position of the hand and wait 10 minutes. Check the meter again, if it has moved, you have a slow leak.