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Training and transfer of technology

For water utilities, water losses are costly. Not only is revenue lost, but the possibilities for damages to infrastructure and property is high. Ultimately consumers are required to pay more, and the impact on the environment is negative as more water than necessary is drawn from aquifers and surface water sources. The offered training will allow you to better understand the steps you can take to develop an effective Water Loss Management (WLM) Program within your organization.

During the training session, Aquasave staff will help you calculate the substantial benefits of being proactive in managing your water losses. This training examines the key issues of Water Loss Management and helps you creating an IWA (International Water Association) Water Balance, dividing your network to DMA's (District Meter Areas) in order to monitor the consumption of your system and determining minimum night flow, determining your ILI (Infrastructure Leakage Index), carrying out Pressure Management for immediate degreasing real losses, appropriate Meter Sizing, Active Leak Detection and etc.  Participants will also have an opportunity to review and evaluate the equipment and techniques associated with WLM practices.

The training is dedicated to field operators, managers, directors and will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Water Loss and Leakage Management
  • Understanding and Creating a IWA Water Balance
  • District Metered Areas (DMA)
  • Theory and Design Pressure Management (PM),assessment and design
  • Leak Detection Equipment
  • Active Leakage Control
  • Non Revenue Water Strategy
  • NRW Case Studies
  • and more...

The training will be conducted by Mr. Bojan Ristovski (CV). He is an electrical engineer, specialized in the management of water resources and water services in water utilities, with over 18 years of progressively responsible experience including management and supervisory responsibilities in a water and sewerage utility (P.E. Water Supply and Sewerage - Skopje). He is an active member of the International Water Association/Water Loss Specialist Group since its foundation and he is active in promoting the WLSG techniques and methodologies in Macedonia and across the Balkans.

The scope of his experience and expertise includes comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of operation and maintenance of water equipment and facilities, developing effective leakage reduction methodology, water leak detection, design and implementation of Document Management System and AMR, preparing and revising the QMS documents, training to water utility staff in NRW activities... Contact us today at the following address: