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ICIR Water Audit

ICIR Water Audit

Many Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential (I.C.I. & R) facilities have areas in which they could become more water efficient.

Aquasave is providing water efficiency and reduction studies through water audit programs. With a well-defined approach to a complete study and the involvement of key personnel whose responsibilities are clearly identified, the goals of the facility can be met with a high degree of optimism. A water audit can identify genuine use and needless waste. The result – leaks and wastage identified, less water used, less money spent!

We conduct these studies on a step-by-step basis.The first step is site inspection identifying all water usage, review of existing data provided by the facility (water and sewerage bills) and to evaluate whether or not there is any realistic potential for water savings. The next step is to design an appropriate monitoring program to obtain the facility consumption.  The equipment we use is depended of local circumstances - in some cases we can simply data-log the existing meter ,sometimes we can strap on an ultrasonic portable flow meter. Additional activities include pressure monitoring, infrastructure verification, control valve status and operation. After all water usage and volume is identified and accounted for, recommended approaches to water-saving measures can be properly identified. The final step is to complete post monitoring to verify program costs and savings. Techniques for breaking down and checking large sites include step test prior to undertaking sounding and real time multi-point correlation.

The results of the audit, based on visual inspections and measured data will be available to the client, along with a list of proposed changes which will help the client reduce water costs immediately.

Contact us today to arrange an audit and experience a dramatic reduction in your bills.