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Pressure and Flow monitoring

Accurate flow and pressure data is an essential part in determining an understanding of water network performance. Effective data capture and analysis is needed in order to make informed decision makers on capital investment projects or rehabilitation works.

Aquasave provides skilled personnel to install interrogate and analyse data obtained from flow and pressure surveys. This information is then used as a key component of water demand monitoring, hydraulic studies, computer modeling, meter testing, leak detection.

We, at Aquasave, provide technology for opportunity to conduct both flow and pressure measurements simultaneously for a few minutes to a number of days. This can be accomplished using portable flow and pressure equipment in conjunction with suitable data acquisition recorders. Using this will establish system profiles that may identify problems.  

Flow Measurement



Aquasave utilises the very lastest technology in ultrasound flow measuring to accurately measure flow in existing piplelines for clients.

The measurement is carried out from the outside wall of the pipe and without direct contact with the water column. There is no need to enter the piping system or to interrupt the supply.

Using the portable ultrasound flow meter, Aquasave can accurately specify pumps, check flow meters or consumption measurements carried out in pipe sections. Portable ultrasound flow measuring devices can be used in carrying out step testing on piplines where there are no meters installed.

Pressure Measurement


For monitor and record pressure in the network, we utilize Pressure loggers which can be downloaded and analysed on site. We carry out pressure data logging field testing for and on behalf of our clients such as Consulting Engineers or Utilities who are undertaking the design, calibration and validation of Hydraulic Models of water distribution networks.

We provide a detailed report of the results and findings, which we submit in hardcopy.